What does it mean to coach?

Being a Beachbody Coach can look different for each person:

1) you can be a "discount coach". A discount coach is someone who is a coach solely for the amazing discount we receive on all Beachbody product and gear. There is only one requirement of you - that you pay the $15.95 fee each month (you'll save far more than that on your monthly purchases!).

2) you can build a business as an "influencer". Beachbody coaches who help others change their lives earn weekly paychecks!

3) you THINK you just want to be a discount coach, but your amazing results will inspire others and they'll beg to learn from you, which leads to your transformation to influencer.

Sign up here to start earning discounts IMMEDIATELY! Your sign-up fee is waived if you purchase a package, so be thinking about what program or product you'd like to snag!

Sign up here with the package of your choice and then head over to the coach training page and start setting your goals and learning the ins and outs of our coaching world!