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The team drinks a lot of chocolate whey Shakeology with vegan chocolate and vegan vanilla coming in second and third place! Try the sampler pack to see which flavor you like best and check out the numerous amazing recipes on the Beachbody Blog!


Most of us blend lemon energize with either fruit punch or mixed berry! It is a daily must for a large part of the team to get us moving each morning!


Ninety percent of us are #teamorange and are grateful every day for the way this creamsicle-flavored product helps cut back on our muscle soreness!


If you can keep your kids from eating all of these before you get to them, you're doing better than the rest of us!


There's a lot of chatter about strong nails and fast-growing hair among those of us using this magical powder!


This not only tastes great in your workout water, it feeds your body just what it needs as you're sweating it out!


In two awesome flavors we get craving and appetite suppressant!


Looking to bulk up a bit? You need this!